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Weed Control


Keeping the weeds under control in your yard can be an overwhelming and daunting task. The busy daily lives of Scottsdale residents barely leave time for fun in the sun let alone grooming their yards and keeping up with their landscaping. Innovative Landscaping of Scottsdale offers a full line of services, including weed control. Even if your yard is of the desert-style and grassless, weeds can be an obvious eyesore.

While you may think it would be difficult to grow anything in the desert, the weeds that grow in the yards around Scottsdale are especially resilient. Treating yards before the weeds show up is the best form of protection for your yard but if time gets away from you, Innovative Landscaping also can rid your yard of weeds even after they have taken over. We can handle the removal of all your weed and invasive vegetation needs. Routine weed control is key to maintaining a pristine yard.

Types of Weed Control Treatments
  • Pre-emergent- treatment that is applied to kill the weeds before they are even visible.
  • Post-emergent- treatment designed for mature weeds to kill them and prevent them from spreading.

Our landscaping professionals will keep your yard weed-free throughout the year that way you can have a yard that you will be proud of. Let Innovative Landscaping weed control service solve all of your landscaping needs. Professional service, customer satisfaction and exceptional results are what you can expect from Innovative Landscaping Services.

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Whether your idea for a lawn project is large or small, we will deliver exceptional results and ensure that your satisfaction is the most important aspect of our work. For all your residential landscaping and commercial services, trust us to get the job done right.

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