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Curb appeal is important for a home. Whether the goal is to sell the home or revive the façade, how a home looks is important. Trees, shrubs, plants and flowers are used to create a beautiful exterior and provide a welcoming feel in Scottsdale. It is sometimes overlooked that when night falls, the entirety of the curb appeal investment is hidden in darkness, unless you have expertly placed landscape lighting. Installing landscape lighting is a quick way to showcase the hard work and turn your dark home into a head-turning beauty in the neighborhood.

Although there are so many options when it comes to landscape lighting design, the benefits are constant:

  • Safety
  • Poorly lit outdoor areas around your house can be dangerous. Walkways with proper lighting will ensure no more clumsy mishaps when navigating your yard. Illuminating sidewalks, garages, driveways, and entryways is a quick way to create a safer home.

  • Security
  • Lighting in a yard and landscape provides added security. A home with a well-lit and maintained exterior is looked upon by criminals as a poor decision and the possibility of theft will decrease. As an additional measure, motion-activated lights work as a secondary alarm for any trespassers. Quickly illuminating the entire yard will scare off potential burglars and keep your home and family safe.

  • Comfort
  • With the use of outdoor lighting, the enjoyable areas of your home are increased. Rather than only being able to sit on the patio or deck during the day, proper lighting will allow for relaxing evenings spent with family and friends. Enjoy your patio, deck, pool or yard at night.

  • Décor
  • When you spend money on landscaping, you want it to be noticed. Carefully placed lights will draw the eye to the desired areas and showcase your landscape. Flower gardens, plantings, and any other landscaping features can be put on display well into the night. Accenting your home in subtle lighting to showcase features will add a new pop to the existing landscape.

  • Curb Appeal
  • A home, surrounded by beautifully lit landscaping, shows everyone that you care. Homes like this are warmer and inviting to guests and even people driving by. When friends and family visit, they will be greeted by a welcoming home rather than a dark, uninventing building. It is amazing how quickly the feeling a home gives off is changed with a few expertly placed lights.

There are so many benefits to lighting your landscape. Your home will be given new life, be made safer, and you will increase the value of your home quickly. The process itself is easier said than done, however. Let us install it properly to withstand the elements. Effectively and beautifully showcasing your home is a great goal but self-installation often falls short. It is best to leave the upgrade to professionals in landscape lighting services. Our expert team will create a plan that suits your wants and needs, provide you with a quote, expert installation and a brand-new home. Take your home’s appearance to a new level with Innovative Landscape Services. From landscaping and lawn care to lighting, contact us today to elevate your home.

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