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Tree Removal Service

Tree Removal Service


Trees add a lot to landscaping. A lone, mature tree can frame a home well or a forest can provide desired privacy. With that being said, trees must be assessed, trimmed and removed if necessary. Understanding the signs of a tree that has damage is your first step to protecting your property and neighboring trees. With our tree removal Scottsdale services, you’ll have no worries.


The following trees are undesirable:

  • Black locust
  • Siberian elm
  • Box elder
  • Mulberry
  • Poplars
  • Bradford pear
  • Norway maple
  • Tree of heaven
  • Mimosa
  • Empress tree
  • Willows

A good rule of thumb to keep in mind when deciding if a tree should be removed is how healthy it is. If more than 50% of the tree is damaged or dead, odds are it should be removed.

Trunk Health

The internal decay of a tree is another thing to keep an eye out for. If you spot any vertical cracks, seams in the bark, branch stubs, and old wounds can point towards internal issues. Another tip to keep in mind is that if less than a quarter of the trunk has a wound, it should heal naturally and without long-term damage.

Dead Branches

When small branches grow from the trunk, it is a response to stress within. Typically, this issue follows construction injuries, too much sun exposure or overly compacted soil.

Small Branches

Large trees are susceptible to having their tops damaged which can cause damage to people or property. Falling large branches pose a threat and can be an indicator of a tree that needs to be removed. Any branches that are crossed and rubbing should be monitored as well.

It is possible that tree trimming can save the plant and avoid complete removal. We offer tree trimming service as well and specialize in palm tree trimming to suit the needs of Scottsdale customers. Our team will assess your tree(s) to determine which course of action will be most efficient and cost-effective.

Tree removal is the final option. Avoid potential damage to your home, surrounding areas and even people by having your trees assessed. In addition to tree trimming, we offer complete tree removal service. When it comes to analyzing the tree and situation, saving it (if possible) and removing all the necessary foliage, there is no one better. Tree removal in Scottsdale can be necessary and we specialize in providing the valley with exceptional and timely service. Contact us today to begin your appraisal.

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